100 CROSSWORD – Business, Finance & Management
by B.B. Huria

Reviewed by

Dhirendra Kumar

October, 2014

Quizzes are well established tools which attract participation by wise to become wiser and the ordinary to become extra-ordinary. Quizzes also belong to a special category of contests, where you are always a winner, even when you fail to succeed. In other word it hardly is embarassing to lose while solving a quiz; even after losing one, we don't mind trying another one and/or retrying to solve the earlier one once or more number of times again and again. Furthermore, quizzes are played or attempted most of the times without prior preparation unlike various other forms of contests or training missions.

Quizzes are also an important media while organizing party games, youth club events, keeping the guests productively engaged at homes, etc.

The author, Brij B. Huria, whom I know for about three decades, is a person whom anyone would like to meet and exchange views with. He is a keen and versatile mind with infinite knowledge based activities and interests. Whenever I met him, I saw him engaged and engrossed in developing quizzes and games encompassing varied disciplines and fields of activity. His website www.hobbyshobby.com is home to thousands of his such educative creations.

This book is based on Crossword puzzles (dedicated to the fields of Business, Finance and Management), which has been established as the best form of learning while playing and having fun. Although the first crossword was published first in the year 1913, crossword form of quizzes has not lost its sheen and value; instead crossword form of quizzes have enjoyed ever increasing space in newspapers, books, magazines and now in all forms of digital media.

I am quite sanguine that this book will serve as a fruitful means to enjoying long hours of entertainment, fun and pleasure with learning. The readers of this book will, in my opinion, get interested in many new and creative things, thinking and skills.

Crossword is also known to make its solvers more lively, exciting and thinking personalities.

Dhirendra Kumar
CEO, Value Research India Private Ltd.