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Recalling the Sayings of our Grandparents
तेल देखो तेल की धार देखो
Transliteration:   Tel Dekho tel kee dhaar dekho.
Translation:   Examine all aspects extremely carefully.
SAYINGS are the real SAVINGS of grandparents, which we can encash for our well being - HOBBYSHOBBY
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Today's Personalities and/or Events
21st Anniversary of her becoming the first woman in the world
to climb Mount Everest twice in less than a year
profile Santosh Yadav  Quiz man
PENDYALA HARIKRISHNA - May 10 - Happy Birthday
He became the youngest chess grandmaster from India in 2001
profile Pendyala Harikrishna  Quiz man
KAIFI AZMI - May 10 - Death Anniversary
A Great Indian Urdu Poet who brought Urdu literature to Indian Cinema
profile Quiz man
Other Significant Events of the Day in History
Month Day Year Name Description
May 10 1857 Indian MUTINY On this day, the Indian mutiny started in Meerut. This mutiny is now regarded as the first war of independence of India.
May 10 1863 UPENDRAKISHORE RAY Born this day, he was an Indian writer, painter and composer (d. 1915).
May 10 1927 Nayantara SAHGAL Indian writer-born this day.
May 10 1963 A. RAJA Born this day, he is an Indian politician.
May 10 1980 NAMITHA KAPOOR Born this day, she is an Indian actress.
May 10 1993 SANTOSH Yadav Indian Mountaineer-On this day, she became the first woman in the world to conquer the Mount Everest twice.
May 10 2001 SUDHAKARRAO NAIK Died this day, he was an Indian politician (b. 1934).
May 10 2002 KAIFI AZMI Indian Urdu poet and lyricist and father of Indian film actress Shabana Azmi-died this day.

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