1. He was an Indian ????????????

2. What was the reason for his death as a result of fast-unto-death undertaken by him?

3. What became the basis for re-organisation states as a result of his efforts?

4. Whar was the title earned by him as a result of his sacrifice?

5. Whi inspired him to uphold principles such as truth, non-violence, patriotism and Harijan upliftment.

6. Who was the Prime Minister of India who ceded the deamnd of Sreeramulu, but only after the latter's death.

7. Which was the capital of the new State of Andhra carved out of the Madras State?

8. Telangana was a part of which State before being merged with Andhra Pradesh?

9. What was the birth placeof Sreeramulu?

10. In support of what did he undertake repetitive fasts between 1946 and 1948?

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